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16 July 2010 @ 08:02 pm
Next Atlanta Gallifreyans meeting 7/16/10  
Just a quick reminder that the next Atlanta Gallifreyan meeting is this upcoming Saturday, July 17th. AG is the DW/SJA/TW club in Atlanta, GA, USA.

As usual we will be meeting at the Doraville Civic Center. Directions can be found at the club's site:
For those who don't drive, the Doraville MARTA station is half-a-block away. Rides are always given back to the station after the meeting.

Of course, food, non-alcohol drinks, and a bag of ice are welcomed. :)

Setup will start around 4:30 PM, with announcements starting around 5 PM, about Dragoncon and the end of July picnic/bbq/pool party at David's, and our episode viewing starting soon afterwards.

Schedule under the cut:

5:30 PM Classic Who: The Third Doctor: Planet of the Daleks, episodes 5 & 6, the last two episodes of this serial.

6:30 PM Break

6:45 New Who: The Eleventh Doctor: The Lodger

7:30 PM Break

7:45 PM 11th Doctor: The Pandorica Opens (50 minutes) (followed immediately by the last episode, until members want a break)

8:35 PM The Big Bang (55 minutes)

9:30 PM We can choose amongst the next SJA serial, the first episode
of S2 of TW, or this could be the end of the meeting. :) If we have a
break between TPO and TBB, we would be closer to 10 PM at this point,
and that's usually the end of the evening for most members.